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Table Fighter is the premier fighting card game with no randomness. Select a character from a wide and diverse roster, and then stack your deck in competitive online matches. Table Fighter has been featured in numerous gaming events and major fighting game tournaments, and all 31 characters can be played for free online.

The game also includes a single player mode where every enemy you defeat lets you draft random cards into your deck from the full pool of 241 cards. This plays like a roguelike deckbuilding game and is included in the free to play client!


Join our passionate online community, which hosts frequent tournaments via our Discord server. https://discord.gg/PCSwYKg

Install instructions

Launch Table Fighter Online.exe and then click the "join" button to connect to the online server. Make sure to join our discord in order to find a match: https://discord.gg/PCSwYKg


Table Fighter Online.exe 9 MB

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